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Dog killed by firework

‘Every year as fireworks night approaches dog owners across the UK dread the days before and after filled with bangs and screeches which their dogs find upsetting. Despite many attempts to get fireworks banned from sale to the general public, they are still freely available to anyone who is or looks old enough to buy them. Dogs owners are not killjoys and realise that for many fireworks are fun, but surely it is time that they were only allowed to be handled and used by licensed event holders?

This year a terrible toll has been taken with a news story of a swan guarding her young cygnets having fireworks thrown onto her back and killing her, and even more unnerving for dog owners the story of a Rottweiler called Buddy, who died as a result of fireworks being thrown into his kennel by yobs.

Buddy was at animal sanctuary, Orbiston Kennels in Lanarkshire, when the attack by yobs took place. Over a three hour period the yobs were lobbing fireworks into the kennels, and it is believed that this caused Buddy to have a fatal heart attack. This was not the first time the kennels have been attacked by teenage yobs, staff had been threatened and a bottle was thrown at the kennel owner in previous incidents. When the attack started, and kennel staff called the police, and four youths have been apprehended.

All the staff, at the kennel, are distraught at the death of Buddy, and the cruel and callous disregard shown for the animals in their care by these youths. Fiona Hope the kennel manager, commented that it was like a war zone with fireworks coming over into the kennels, and one of the youths was heard saying, “Can you see the dogs? Give me a lighter”. These yobs were actively targeting the dogs. The kennel have now taken the decision that all the dogs must be inside the kennels before it gets dark and cannot be taken for walks or let into the specially built runs after dark.

A police spokesman said, “Unfortunately there are some people within our communities who fail to heed safety advice, placing the welfare and safety of residents and animals in our communities at peril by their totally reckless acts. The youngsters not only placed themselves in danger but placed nearby residents in peril”.

Had this been a young child or a pensioner who had died of fright, the police would have possibly been conducting a murder inquiry, but sadly as Buddy is a dog, the incident will not make headlines nor will it help to bring the free sale of fireworks to members of the public to an end.