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Send Flash at Christmas!

Christmas is traditionally the time to extend seasonal goodwill to your fellow man. However the charity Leonard Cheshire Disability is breaking with tradition and calling on people to send Creature Discomforts for the festive period.

FlashThe Creature Discomforts in question are Christmas cards that include two characters from the charity’s Creature Discomforts campaign that was launched to change attitudes towards disability. The characters, created by Aardman Animations, are Dachshund Flash the Sausage Dog and Slim the Stick Insect.

Alex Milhaly, (58), the voice behind Flash in the TV animations, said: “It’s brilliant to be involved with Creature Discomforts and see how people have taken to the campaign. When I’m out and people hear me speak they often ask ‘Aren’t you a sausage dog on the telly?’ Now I can look forward to telling them I’m also on Christmas cards. I’ll certainly be sending them to family and friends and hope lots of other people will do the same. I used to breed Dachshunds before my accident so it’s very funny that Aardman Animations cast me as the voice to Flash without even knowing that.”

Aardman Animations picked Alex to be the voice behind Flash after interviewing him at Leonard Cheshire Disability’s West Street Resource Centre in Chesterfield. Alex has used a wheelchair since 1982 following a fall at work that led to severe spinal injuries. He now campaigns for better transports access for disabled people and for buidilings to be wheelchair accessible.
The 2008 range includes ten Christmas cards exclusive to Leonard Cheshire Disability. By purchasing the Christmas cards, people will be helping to raise much needed funds for the charity’s work with disabled people.

To request a brochure; or to order Christmas cards, telephone: 01948 831089, or visit: www.lcdisability. org/xmas