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Man jailed for attack on pet dog

A man has been jailed for three months for what judges called a "shocking, wanton act of cruelty".
RSPCA officials said the injuries on the 18-month old Staffordshire bull terrier, Madison, were among the worst they had seen. John Martell, 40, attacked the dog after it urinated in the lift near his home in Mulberry Court, Salford.

StaffordAt Salford Magistrates Court, Martell admitted causing unnecessary suffering.

The court heard Martell kicked Madison four times, punched him three times and stamped on his back five times. The ordeal was witnessed by a security guard who recorded it on CCTV.
The court was told Martell had been suffering from alcohol problems and had argued with his girlfriend moments before the attack in April.Madison was treated for swollen, puffy eyes, and will need lifelong vet treatment.

Sentencing Martell to jail and banning him from keeping all animals for life, the chairman of the Bench John Connor said: "This was a deliberate and sustained attack against a defenceless animal."

RSPCA chief inspector Cathy Hyde said: "This was one of the worst attacks on an animal that I've ever seen. "There's no excusing what this man did. It was a shocking, wanton act of cruelty carried out without provocation. The sentence reflects the callous and cruel nature of this case."