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KC in further contact with breed clubs

THE KC has sent out a further letter to all breed clubs, again advising of the Kennel Club’s intention to devise Breed Health plans for all breeds. The plans will be issued to all Breed Clubs and Breed Councils in early December and will include the results of the review of the Breed Standard and health conditions identified within the breed.

The letter, sent out by Caroline Hallett, Registered Societies Manager, tells Clubs: ‘Where there are proposals to amend the Breed Standard, club committees will be asked to comment on the proposed new wording. Club committees will also be requested to consider the health conditions identified and prioritise them.

‘The Kennel Club will be requesting clubs to submit their response to the health plan by early January.

‘We hope that this explanation of the proposed course of action on breed health will be of assistance. A press release announcing the progress on this initiative will be issued within the next few weeks. We would also invite clubs to visit the Kennel Club website to view the updated information on the ‘Fit for function; Fit for life’ campaign.’

In a further press release, the KC welcomed the outcome of the Pekingese Breed Club meeting held in October at which the revised breed standard for the Pekingese, which is set radically to improve the health of the breed, was accepted without reservation by all breed clubs present.
The clubs expressed their commitment to working in cooperation with the Kennel Club: particularly on health related issues and the education of judges. Equally well, all agreed that health issues will be dealt with in an agreed time frame. The situation will be monitored by the Kennel Club on an ongoing basis to ensure that judges are supported through education and training.

The Kennel Club released the revised breed standard for the Pekingese in October and it is confirmed that no further changes to the standard will be considered for a period of three years.