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Ch Kutani Rogue Trader
2.11.03 - 16.10.08

Ch Kutani Rogue TraderCh Kutani Rogue Trader owned, bred and much loved by Wendy Cain recently passed away. In 2006 he was group 1 at Windsor and Bournemouth and Top Lhasa Apso. He was Group 2 at Paighton in 2007.

He was last shown at Driffied this year and was awarded his 18th ticket and BOB. It was shortly after this that he was taken ill and after investigations was found to be suffering from Lung cancer."Trader”as he was known, would have been only 5 years old on the 2nd November.
He was a very special dog, almost spiritual, and his death has touched all those that knew him throughout his short life.

Wendy would like to thank the many people that have sent cards and emails from home and all over the world, it has been a comfort to know that so many of you have been thinking of him at this sad time.