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Obituary - Marjorie Gunning Turner

Marjorie Gunning Turner (Spawood) passed away in hospital on Thursday 30th October, following a determined, courageous and spirited fight against cancer. At no point during her illness or treatment did Marjorie give in or accept that this was going to beat her and she faced each day with a smile.

Having had many years of success at the highest level in American Cockers, Marjorie made up several Champions in English Toy Terriers as owner, handler and breeder. She was forthright, honest, fiercely loyal, and had a wonderful sense of fun.

For Marjorie her family always came first, followed very closely by her dogs! She was in many ways a humble person, the attention and level of support she received when she was first diagnosed coming as quite a surprise to her. I visited her on several occasions during her illness and on each visit she’d get out the cards and letters from well wishers and tell me how touched she was by people’s kindness. Such was Marjorie’s popularity her living room often looked more like a branch of Interflora.

I’ve met so many people since I started exhibiting dogs and I can say with all honesty that Marjorie Gunning Turner was the only person I never heard a bad word about – and quite right too. The thoughts and prayers of everyone who knew Marjorie will be with her husband, Ernie, and her family. Sleep well Marjorie.