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Enough is enough - ROT set to fight back

FOLLOWING the intensely negative press that Rottweilers have received over the years, and especially throughout the last 12 months, one lady has decided that enough is enough and has formed her own organisation against the unrelenting persecution of this intelligent breed.

RottweilerThe Rottweiler Owners’ Trust (ROT) is the brainchild of Di McCann of the Parvenu Rottweilers and has already accumulated 100 members within a week of launching.

The main aims and objectives of ROT are to promote the good name of the Rottweiler and to defend it against unfair or unjust comments and actions from any quarter by way of a national database of email and phone links.

Mrs McCann says: ‘We are not a group of soap-box protesters; we want to act lawfully and responsibly whenever the breed is unjustly criticised; and also to highlight the many good and positive things that Rottweilers do.

‘We hope that responsible owners and breeders will support the Trust and encourage their puppy buyers to join also,’ added Mrs McCann.

ROT is a non-profit-making group and 100% of membership fees will be donated to Rottweiler rehoming and welfare organisations.

In return for a one-off payment of £1 members will become part of a national network of Rottweiler owners (both registered and unregistered) who can then be kept informed of any unfounded negative publicity about their breed. The Rottweiler Owners’ Trust can then take appropriate lawful action through either mass or individual complaint.

ROT aims to educate the public about this often mis-represented breed and dispel the myth that ‘all Rottweilers are dangerous’ as portrayed in several films, TV series and news stories over the last twenty years.

To become a member or to find out more information about the Trust visit

Patrons of the Trust include Mr Mike Mullan MBIPDT & MUKRCB and Mr G. Duncan Ross BVMS & MRCVS.