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Rescue dogs appear on Facebook!

Facebook the social networking site has begun a group for rescue dogs. The group is called Scruffy Angels, and was the idea of Kirsty O’Sullivan. Kirsty volunteers at two local organisations Scruffy angels and Animal Action, that help pets in need of new homes.

Details of the dogs in foster care are placed on Facebook and the pictures are regularly updated, but volunteers, who care for them in their own homes, warn they will have to be put down if permanent owners cannot be found.

"There are over 30 dogs at the moment staying with different volunteers” Kirsty said, “I've got around six in my house but they're coming in so quick, I'll probably have 10 by the end of the day. We're at desperation point so I've set up the Facebook page for them." Kirsty, from Hornchurch, Essex, said having up to 11 dogs in her house was an incredible strain. "It's not fair on the dogs either. Some are from abusive homes."

Kirsty set up the page on Facebook to advertise that rescue dogs are in need of new homes and hopes to raise donations as well to help care for the dogs. This is taking dog rescue into a new sphere to bring them to the attention of the public. Although the majority of pets Kirsty and her friends Wendy founder of Scruffy Angels and Lu founder of Animal Action are dogs they do take in other pets in need, including cats, rabbits and a lizard! Not content with promoting these two organisations only, Kirsty has included links on the Facebook Group to and suggests people visiting the site might like to contact their local vet to find a local rescue they can help at or take on a pet in need of a new home.

Detailing other ways in which people can become involved Kirsty has listed a number of things which she says are always appreciated by rescues, such as new collars, leads, dog food, bedding, toys, volunteers, anyone who can help in any way and Handymen! Kirsty helps new owners dog proof their gardens so that even the Houdinis of the canine world will find it hard to roam.