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Bulldog rescued

A couple have succeeded in rescuing their stolen puppy with the help of a policeman, a court has heard.

Betty Boo the BulldogClive and Anne Lunt, from Greater Manchester, had their Bulldog pup, called Betty Boo stolen from their kennel in May. When Mr Lunt told police he suspected the animal was in an empty flat in the town, animal-lover Pc Marc Barker got through a window to rescue their pet.

A local man, Jamie Lowndes, 18, was jailed for three months after admitting theft. he had also admitted the offence at a previous hearing, was sentenced at Manchester's Minshull Street Crown Court. The court also heard how he unsuccessfully attempted to sell the puppy for just £200.

A woman living near the flat had told Mr and Mrs Lunt that she had heard yelping coming from the top floor. Mr Lunt then went to the premises on Harbour Farm Road with Mr Barker, a routine patrol policeman who turned out to have previous experience in breeding Staffordshire bull terriers.

Mr Barker said: "When we found Betty Boo she was quite distressed and was dehydrated, so it was fortunate we found her when we did. I don't know why Lowndes committed such a cruel and foolish act, but thankfully Betty Boo is now back home where she belongs.’

Mr and Mrs Lunt have bred and kept dogs which have appeared in several television shows and commercials. Their kennels are also home to Coronation Street dogs Schmeichel and Ozzy.