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Charity launches largest appeal
Wood Green’s ‘Hungry mouths’ appeal

Wood Green Animal Shelters are set to launch their biggest appeal this Christmas with the launch of their ‘Hungry Mouths Christmas Appeal’.

The appeal will be hoping to raise vital funds to help the animal welfare Charity care for the hundreds of animals they look after each year.

Over 750 homeless and abandoned pets will be at the cared for this Christmas by Wood Green all of which will need food, shelter and lots of love and cuddles.

To feed all of the animals at the Shelters this December will cost around £8,400 which is funded only through generous donations from the general public.

As a small animal Charity committed to animal welfare, Wood Green relies hugely on the support they receive from the local community. The Hungry Mouths Christmas Appeal will be appealing for money through a variety of methods including letters sent to supporters and animal lovers, advertisements and inserts appearing in national and local press and letters will be dropped through letter boxes.

Georgie Smith, Appeal Manager for Wood Green Animal Shelters “We are hoping to raise lots of money to help the animals this Christmas through the Hungry Mouths Christmas Appeal. Every year people are planning on what they will be having for their Christmas day dinner and we have to do the same here for the animals. We are extremely grateful to everyone who gives money for the animals throughout the year; without the generous support of the public we would not be able to continue to look after the animals that find themselves in our care.”

If you would like to give money to the Hungry Mouths Christmas Appeal to help Wood Green care for the hundreds of animals this Christmas then call 0870 38 247 88 or visit