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UK behaviourist heads for Japan

Peter NevilleBritish behaviourist Peter Neville has been appointed Clinical Professor at the Dept of Veterinary Science, Miyazaki University, Japan.

Peter is delighted with the appointment and hopes that it will lead to a great deal of co-operation and contact between Japan and the UK in the field of companion animal behaviour therapy.
Peter and his colleagues at The Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE) in the UK have developed an individually sensitive approach to behaviour therapy based on the EMRA system of emotional and behavioural assessment, as opposed to ‘diagnosis’ of behaviour problems. This new approach has been very well received in Japanese veterinary medicine as well as here at home in the UK.

Peter, who is also a Visiting Scholar at the Dept of Animal Sciences at The Ohio State University, USA, still spends much time in the UK co-teaching a Diploma and other courses in animal behaviour and pet behaviour therapy with COAPE (, and promoting a busy group of referral behaviourists and trainers (