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Labrador found in Stroud

Alex Davies, Stroud dog warden has contacted Our Dogs about a yellow labrador bitch found on the 19th November in a village called North Nibley near Dursley and Wotton Under Edge, in Gloucestershire.

LabradorMiss Davies thinks this bitch may have been stolen prior to being abandoned. The bitch was in a very bad state when found, and has recently had puppies. Miss Davies would like to hear from anyone who might have bought a labrador puppy recently, as she would like to try to find the person who is responsible for abandoning this bitch, and for allowing her to be in such a dreadful condition.

The labrador is described as being approximately 2 to 3 years old, of small build, and with old injuries, one to her right ear and one to her right eye which has not healed. Miss Davies said, "She was in a pretty bad way when she arrived at the vets, very dehydrated, vomiting, with a high temperature, thin, weak and caked in mud. She has been at our vets ever since and only came off her drip this morning. I am please to report that she is doing well, but won't be released from the vets until Monday".

If anyone can help Miss Davies find the original owner or the person responsible for causing such distress to this bitch, please contact 01453 754492