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Warden calls for help with dumped dogs
Abandoned dogs ‘may be linked’

Dog Warden of the Year, Mandy Dorman, has been trying to solve a mystery and has asked Our Dogs readers if anyone can help. Since the beginning of 2008 a number of dogs have been dumped in or near a churchyard in Farley Hill, near Wokingham. Mandy believes the abandonment of these dogs is linked, even though they have turned up at different times.

All the dogs which have been abandoned have been sick or dying when found. Farley Hill is a rural community spread out among woodland and farms.

‘Have any readers seen anyone acting suspiciously around the whole area, not just this location” Mandy asks, “Or has anyone seen animals that aren't in very good condition and thinks that somebody else might report it, can they please get in touch and help these dogs".

The first dogs to be abandoned there were two Jack Russell terrier pups, one was dead when found, the other was barely alive. Both had no hair and had open sores. In May two English Springer spaniels were found, both had mange, were sick and in a bad condition. The bitch had recently had puppies. Then in August a Rottweiler bitch was abandoned she had a high temperature and infection, the Rottweiler is believed to be between six and seven months old. Mandy believes it may be travellers passing through the area who might be abandoning the dogs.

Concerned that some of these dogs might be stolen dogs Mandy wondered whether an owner is missing a pet or in the case of the spaniels a working dog. Mandy has contacted LostdogsUK, Lurcher Search and Dogslost plus Battersea Lost Dogs line, Wood Green and about 40 Dog Wardens in the hope of reuniting one of these dogs if they are stolen dogs with its owner, although so far this has not been successful.

Mandy supports Nikki Powditch’s Jesters Law which asks councils and highway authorities to inform owners, and local dog wardens when a dog is found dead on a road, but Mandy said that she hoped that this will be extended to include railway lines, as at present any dog wandering on to the rail line which is killed by a train is usually buried by the rail workers and nobody is informed.

Mandy is a member of a Dog Watch scheme originally set up by Jenny Bromley from Oxford City Council and also runs her own Dog and Bone text messaging service to alert local dog walkers, Rangers and others who might be out and about to lost or found dogs. Mandy informed Our Dogs, “Dog wardens in other districts and councils are interested in setting up their own message service and Dog Watch schemes. We think this is important to try to stop dog theft and to help reunite dogs with owners”.

If any readers think they might be able to help Mandy and the Wokingham dog wardens solve this mystery of the abandoned dogs, or give information which will lead to catching the culprits, please contact Mandy on 07939 539429 or email