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Dog testifies in court!

When a dog nicknamed Scooby appeared in a French court he created legal history, by becoming the first dog to be called as a witness in a legal case. He is said to have been brought into court by a vet, during the preliminary hearing in Nanteree a suburb of Paris.

Once Scooby was settled in court the Judge, Thomas Cassuto, asked the court clerk to record ‘Scooby’s’ behaviour. A suspect was brought into the court, whereupon ‘Scooby’ was recorded to have barked furiously at the suspect. The Judge is said to have praised ‘Scooby’ for his ‘exemplary behaviour and invaluable assistance.’

Scooby was with his owner during the last few hours of her life. She was found hanging from the ceiling of her Paris flat. The police think the death was a suicide but the woman’s family believe the woman was murdered. The woman died two and a half years ago.

The preliminary hearing was held to determine whether there was enough cause to call for a full trial. The legal profession is very, divided with the prosecution welcoming what they claim to be evidence of ‘Scooby’s’ behaviour pointing to a suspect and other lawyers who question if the dog’s reactions can be claimed to be evidence. Questions were raised pointing out that human evidence is unreliable, and can the dog really remember that far back. Due to the appearance of a dog as witness the case was held behind closed doors, with the public and press denied access. The judge will now decide if there is enough evidence to launch a full murder investigation and trial.