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CSJ feeds top two sheepdogs in the world

At the World Sheep Dog Trials held on 12th-14th September in Carmarthenshire, CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds users triumphed for the second time in a week as farmer Aled Owen and his dog Roy beat more than 240 dogs and handlers from more than 22 countries.

Alec Owen and RoyThe previous week Mirk, another CSJ fed dog, belonging to Kevin Evans won the Supreme Championship title at the 2008 International Sheep Dog Trials held in Abergele.

CSJ took their new trade stand to the World Trials and said they were delighted to see so many of the competitors doing well with dogs fed on CSJ food and herbs and were inundated by enquiries from amongst the event’s 50,000 visitors.

Ceri Rundle, CSJ’s owner (herself a highly successful International competitor and the first ever woman who appeared on One Man and His Dog) said, “We were thrilled for Aled, especially as this is his second time of winning the World Sheep Dog Championship – last time in 2002 with a different dog, Bob. Coming on top of Kevin Evan’s fantastic win last week, we are proud to be able to say that CSJ feeds the top two Sheep Dogs in the world.”

The World Sheep Dog Trials are held every three years and Ceri’s father H. Glyn Jones was honoured on the Saturday morning by the presentation by the International Sheep Dog Society of the Wilkinson Sword Award for his lifetime achievement and services to Sheep Dogs and trialling.
More can be seen about Aled Owen, Ceri Rundle and other handlers and their top winning dogs on CSJ’s website