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Owner banned for starving Bulldog

A Bulldog owner has been banned from keeping dogs for life after leaving her pet dog tied up outside, covered in sores and starving.

Hereford magistrates heard how care assistant, Kirsty Badlan, left bulldog, Elmo, weighing only half what he should have done when the RSPCA rescued him from her home in Queensway.
The 20-year-old was given a three-year conditional discharge after admitting causing unnecessary suffering. The RSPCA was contacted by a worried neighbour, Hereford magistrates heard.

Elmo has since recovered and needs a new home. ‘Animals are incredible, I've found over many years, for being able to recover and he has fully, physically recovered from that,’ said officer Alan Janes. ‘He is doing very well. He's bouncing around and all his sores that he had have healed and he's fighting fit.’