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Dalmatian breeder hands dogs to RSPCA

Dozens of Dalmatians kept by a breeder have been voluntarily handed over to the RSPCA and will be re-homed.

The RSPCA acted after local complaints about the welfare, noise and smell of the 48 dogs in Polperro, Cornwall, and how they were running around in packs in fields.

Michelle Cousins, who was warned about improving conditions, is keeping just six of the animals, which have all been neutered. Breeder Ms Cousins said she was so upset she would be emigrating.

Ms Cousins said: ‘I don't think the dogs were a problem at all. Most of the time they just eat and sleep. I'm going to a country where animals are a lot more accepted and appreciated than in this country. I know I have saved the lives of a lot of dogs that otherwise would not have had lives.’
Earlier this year Ms Cousins also came under fire from neighbours over the dogs which she was keeping on land at Perranporth.

The RSPCA removed a handful of dogs needing urgent veterinary treatment, but said at the time that it would not take action on the others.

The RSPCA said in a statement that it had issued Ms Cousins with a "warning notice" for the need to improve general conditions, provide adequate shelter and ensure the dogs are treated for mange.

Ms Cousins was not being charged with any offences under the Animal Welfare Act.