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European Show Budapest 2008

Ch Efbe’s Hidalgo at Goodspice
Photo: Centastage photography

NapoAnother hectic European event came to a close late on Sunday evening in Budapest as the Italian contingent went crazy for the top winning Corgi ‘Dragonheart’
who strode round the ring like a true champion, writes Vince Hogan.

15,000 dogs had competed for the top title over the three days, at the Hung Expo show ground on the outskirts of Budapest. Exhibitors had travelled from all Europe to compete including many from the UK, with some notable successes, such as the best of breed for
experienced Euro travellers Nigel and Anita Holliday in Leonburgers.

Even the committee themselves were surprised by the size of the entry which eventually lead to a lot of pressure on the infra structure of the show ground, particularly with the parking
and traffic which caused tremendous problems on the first two days in particular,
resulting in a delayed start in the morning.

Sean DelmarThe European show moves onto Dublin in June 2009 and
there was a strong representation from the IKC committee.

OUR DOGS who had a stand at the show, will be covering the event in more depth
in the next few issues and advertisements are welcome from winners.