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We love our dogs:
KC asks you to get involved

The recent media and public criticism of the dog showing community and of the Kennel Clubhas had an enormous impact on the dog world. This has highlighted negative criticisms, and, while much is being done to improve the health of all our dogs, it was a stark reminder of just how much more there is still to do, and how important it is to get across all the effort being made by so many groups and individuals.

However, more than that the programme highlighted how many of those outside the world of dogs see us – and just how far their vision is from the reality that we all know and live.
We Love Our Dogs is a direct and simple response to one of the biggest criticisms – that exhibitors and breeders are not dog lovers too. It misses the point that our ‘champions’ are not just champions – but also the fun-loving, much loved pets that we know them to be. The general public sees our dogs in the show ring ‘at work’, beautifully presented, and on their best behaviour. What they don’t see is those same show dogs before the bath, digging holes in the garden or emerging green with slime from that pond. In short, they don’t see our dogs having The campaign is designed to bring those more ‘ordinary’ images to the wider public – to show both sides of our dogs, and most importantly of our dogs and us together – their working side and private, fun side – including what goes on, out of sight of the judges, at the shows. We Love Our Dogswill use the internet as the platform to showcase videos and photographs – provided by all of you - to demonstrate this. With your permission we will use these images both online and in print to encourage people from all parts of the community – critics, pet owners, and pet lovers to view the pictures – through editorials, competitions, viral mailings, and placing materials on target websites.

The We Love Our Dogs theme will run alongside its Fit for Function: Fit For Life campaign and other activities, and will also be reflected in the wider advertising and promotional materials the Kennel Club produces so that the campaign will be at the heart of all we do.

You may already have seen the first video, of the Kennel Club’s own Caroline Kisko and her dogs which is already on YouTube and has created considerable interest even in just a few days. This was a family effort – not a professional one, and shows Caroline at home with her Siberian Huskies. The video can be found at

You can also view the broadcast on

Caroline told us: “To make the campaign come alive we now need to have a wide selection of videos of showdogs at work and play – and this is a call to everyone out there to have a go. We want to be able to show all sorts of breeds – big and small. We want to include the famous and the not so famous; the breeds that take hours of preparation and those that are ‘come as you are’. These films will go onto the Kennel Club YouTube channel in a playlist entitled ‘We Love Our Dogs’. We want to make it easy for people to view all the videos – and not have to search the whole of YouTube. No videos? Not a problem – still photos, for example ‘on and off duty’, will be on our Flickr page.

What you need to do: Flickr: Just upload your photo to Flickr and add it to the We Love Our Dogs group which is a public Flickr group administered by the Kennel Club at Please remember to add a description to your photo including:

Your dog’s name
Your name
If your dog has ever been to Crufts
Any interesting facts about your dog.

YouTube: Videos cannot be uploaded directly to our YouTube channel at so please email them to and we will upload them for you*.

Videos must be no more than three minutes long and must show dog and handler both at ‘work and play’. Please remember to add a description of your video in your email including:

· Your dog’s name
· Your name
· If your dog has ever been to Crufts
· Any interesting facts about your dog.

The aim is to have at least (50) films up on site, and to regularly change what is on offer to keep people coming back to the site. We will also create a library of fun footage kept centrally at the Kennel Club for future use so even when your film comes off the site it will still be available for use elsewhere. We hope to have over (100) pieces available by Xmas with your help and to really get the campaign going in the run up to Crufts 2009.

Once your video is uploaded to our channel you will be notified by email. You can then encourage friends and family to view your clip and rate and comment on it. You can also rate and comment on other ‘We Love Our Dogs’ video clips. If you subscribe to our channel you can choose to receive email notifications whenever a new video is uploaded.

What format can I submit my video in?

YouTube can accept almost any video format for upload, but for most users we have found that the following settings give the best results.

Video Format: MPEG4 (Divx, Xvid)
Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels
Audio Format: MP3
Frames per second: 30
Maximum file size: 1 GB

YouTube accepts a wide range of video file formats such as .WMV, .AVI, .MOV and .MPG transferred from most digital cameras, camcorders and mobile phones. If you don't think your current video file format is recognised by YouTube, you may get the best results by converting your file to MPEG4 video with MP3 audio.

Unfortunately the Kennel Club will not be able to convert your videos to the correct file formats for YouTube, so please ensure it is emailed to us in the correct format.

For answers to any questions you may have please email Emma Ruby at Progress will be reported on the Kennel Club website which will have its own We Love Our Dogs page within the Living With Dogs area.

*By emailing your video to us you are agreeing to allow us to upload your video to our Kennel Club YouTube channel which is a public channel and therefore all content contained within it is available for anyone to view, rate and comment on.