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Misconduct case resolved

Following allegations of show misconduct, the Committee of the Kennel Club of Jersey last week informed Mr and Mrs Mottershaw that formal complaints had been made against them of unsportsmanlike behaviour at a show held by the Kennel Club of Jersey. In light of these allegations they felt it right to resign from their respective posts of Treasurer and Secretary of the Club with immediate effect.

Subsequently the Committee felt that the actions in the show ring showed a temporary slip of showmanship and, as such, agreed to refuse entry to four of the Kennel Club of Jersey shows in 2009. Mr and Mrs Mottershaw have, without prejudice, accepted this measure by the Committee under the rules of the Club.

On this basis the Club has told OUR DOGS that the matter now closed, and no further comment will be made.

The Committee thanked Mr and Mrs Mottershaw for more than 30 years service they have given between them to the Club, and wished them success in their future enterprises.

The Committee also expressed disappointment that certain media outlets had decided to run news stories before any conclusions had been reached by the Committee and before the Membership of the Kennel Club of Jersey had been informed of any outcome. The Committee would like to apologise to Mr and Mrs Mottershaw for any unnecessary distress this reporting may have caused.