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Obituary - Sybil Churchill

IT IS with great sadness that I write of the passing of our chairman for almost thirty years, Sybil Churchill. She will be sorely missed, she worked hard for the society and always insisted on the mandatory high standard set by her predecessor. She had the most wonderful memory and a terrific sense of humour, but was always very fair.

The dog world in general will have lost a true and valued friend, she has so many involvements with dogs, past Secretary of SKA for 30 years and in her younger days Secretary of City of Bristol, Stroud, the West Country dog show all benefitted from her expertise. She served as a member of KC Committees and became chairperson of Crufts for a number of years. Sybil was always very kind and appreciative of KC staff.

In the late 50s and 60s it was she who organised coaches to shows, for which we were all very grateful. This was Sybil - all her life helping others.

It is a sad day but she will be remembered by many to whom she helped and kindnesses she did.
Over the years many of us benefited from her lovely cooking when she lived at Horsley.
Her funeral was private. Donations to KC Charitable Trust.

Maureen A. Micklethwaite
Vice Chairman of WELKS