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Obituary - Peter Fishwick - 1919-2008

On 21st July 2008, we stood in silent memory and respect to the memory of Peter Fishwick in the church of Saint Oswald in the village of Coppell, near Chorley Lancashire. The church was full with both family friends and many from the world of Rough and Smooth Collies, particularly members of the Normandy Veterans Association colleges of Peter.

The coffin was draped in the union flag to commemorate Peter’s involvement with our services. So, firstly, I salute Peter as a Normandy soldier who fought with distinction and was part of our liberation from tyranny, during the Second World War. His awards were on display in the church - many to see but I will mention the Normandy Veterans medal and collar that was presented to Peter in person by the President of France, and when Peter’s great grandchildren held the pillow with these awards more than a few tears were wiped away.

Peter was a great family man and supported his wife Mildred throughout a long and happy marriage, with children, grand and great grand children, all of which he was so very proud. In his working life, after the war, he was a civil servant with the Lancashire County Council and was so respected in this field as to rise to be head of department controlling road maintenances though out the county.

Now I come to my personal involvement with Peter. This was from the world of pedigree dogs, in the main the Rough and Smooth Collie. I first met Peter in the early 70s when Peggy and I were invited to join the committee of the Lancashire & Cheshire Collie Club (at this time the late Peter Turner was the Secretary) and along with his wife Mildred, Peter was a great committee member of the club, later to be the chairman and then the president of our club.

At our meetings Peter had a knack of bringing a sensible solution to any topics appearing to get a little out of hand. He was a great ambassador of our club. He and Mildred were honory life members of the Smooth Collie Club and he was a vice president and patron; he remained a patron and honory life member of the Lancashire & Cheshire Collie Club. Peter also had a strong relationship with the British Collie Club. He was a well respected breed judge having done so at all levels including Crufts for Smooth Collies.

When Peter asked me to go forward to replace him as the President of our club I was honoured to step into the path of such a glorious and righteous gentleman, the type of which we may never see and know again.

To Mildred and all the family we send our most sincere sympathy.

Peter Bailey
President of the Lancashire & Cheshire Collie Club