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Dobermann and Miniature Pinscher breeder faces losing home

WHEN DENISE Harrison and her family rented their property they had no idea that within a few months they would be making a desperate plea for help so soon after.

The whole family, including their dogs and other animals, have been made homeless despite making regular payments on their property.

Denise, who owns the Dobenar Miniature Pinschers and Dobermanns, told OUR DOGS: ‘On the afternoon of Wednesday 8th October a court-appointed bailiff arrived at our home with two notices of eviction for our landlady and her husband, she was surprised to find the property occupied by tenants as she had not been made aware of this fact. She advised us to go into the courts first thing the next morning and apply to become party to the proceedings and also apply for the warrant to be suspended, which we did and had a hearing of application granted for the following Monday morning at 10am.

‘After the bailiff had left I phoned the mortgage company involved who initially denied knowledge of us as tenants (I have a letter from the mortgage company addressed to me in person dated 1st September 2008), they hung up on me twice and then put me on hold for 45 minutes before I hung up.

‘We attended court on Monday 13th October to be told by the sitting judge that we had no rights and would have to leave the property, but after discussion he granted us an extra three weeks on the warrant.

‘We have found ourselves with four weeks to find suitable accommodation for us all, to make all of the arrangements and to move would, for any normal family, be a mammoth task but for us with all of our animals it is impossible.

‘We are not asking for charity or a hand out, just justice for our situation. We have gone from being tenants with a contract and a rent book, paying our rent and getting on with our lives to being told our rights as tenants do not exist and we have lost our deposit, our rent and every penny we have put into the property that we thought was our home, now facing homelessness.

‘We have been told that if we do not leave by 12 noon on 12th November 2008 then we will be arrested and anything left on the property, animals, possessions etc, will become the responsibility of the mortgage company.

‘I have tried to talk to the mortgage company, I have offered to pay the arrears, to take over or buy the property but they will not even discuss this with me as, in their words, I am a third party and it has nothing to do with me, apart from the fact I and my family will in four weeks time be homeless.

‘I want to bring this situation to the attention of as many people as possible because I do not think we are the only people this is and will happen to, especially in the present economic climate, and of course the more people that know about our predicament the more chance we have of finding somewhere to go.’