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Pekingese lovers attend emergency meeting

Following the statement by the Kennel Club concerning the revised Pekingese Breed Standard on October 8th, an open meeting was held on October 12 of interested parties and involved Pekingese lovers.

The meeting was called as an emergency response to the new Pekingese Breed Standard and all efforts were made to include the entire breed community.

The meeting was independently chaired by Mr Geoffrey Davies, International Championship Show judge and Breed Specialist of over 48 years’ standing. Geoffrey told us that he was delighted with the turn-out, particularly as only 48 hours notice had been given. A total of 45 people attended with apologies from 40 others.

The meeting was in full agreement that the health of the breed was the top priority.

There was, however, general outrage at the way in which the new Breed Standard was imposed without democratic discussions with the breed. In addition, the meeting was disappointed by the fact that the Kennel Club had decided to focus solely on changes to the conformation of the Pekingese.

Pekingese owners and breeders felt that The Kennel Club had not recognised some of the activities that members of the breed have already undertaken in order to improve the general health of the breed. These have included: Breed wide Health surveys, veterinary examinations at shows and cardiovascular screening.


In addition further proposals have been submitted to the Kennel Club. These include: Focus on genetics, evidence based breeding programmes, mentoring of newcomers to the Breed, judges’ assessment of the breed’s health, publication of A Guide to Brachycephalic Dogs and educational workshops.

The meeting also referred to the planned Midland Counties meeting called by the Breed Liaison Officer and the future November Judges’ workshop, and welcomed them.

The outcome of the meeting was, according to Geoffrey, a ‘unanimous vote that the Breed should be united and speak with one voice’. He also said that the KC would be asked to publish the detailed evidence they hold, that has resulted in the new Breed Standard. the decision to work with experts in the field of genetics and veterinary medicine and to request a joint meeting between the Kennel Club’s experts and their own in the near future was also discussed.
In order to take this agenda forward the meeting agreed to appoint a coordinator, for all likeminded Pekingese enthusiasts. The coordinator can be contacted at

The meeting called for all breeders and Pekingese lovers to unite to ensure that the breed remained fit for function, fit for life in the 21st century.