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Rumania gets Euro Show

Romanian Kennel Club
photo Hanus
Cristian Stefanescu (second from left) and the delegation from the Rumanian Kennel Club
pictured in Budapest with Floyd, who proved to be a very lucky mascot.

The European Dog Show for 2012 will be held in Bucharest, writes Vince Hogan.

Following the European Dog Show in Budapest recently the FCI delegates meeting voted in favour of the strong bid from another eastern European country. Initially there had been bids from Italy and the Czech Republic but the bid from the Rumanian delegation proved to be an overwhelming winner with a unanimous vote in its favour. The Rumanian team have been very active at a number of top European events over the last year and deserve their chance to organise a top show like this.

Cristian Stefanescu, the President of the Kennel Club, was delighted at the news and looks forward to welcoming everybody to what is hoped to be a great event in four year’s time.