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KC shocks at party conference

For the first time ever, the Kennel Club took a stand at the Conservative Party Conference last week to raise awareness of various campaigns including electric shock collars, dangerous dogs, coastal access, rent a dog businesses and KC Dog.

Visitors to the Kennel Club stand were invited to test an electric shock collar on a reduced voltage to dispel arguments in favour of electric shock collars which claim they do not hurt dogs.
The Kennel Club met with numerous MPs, including Roger Gale, Caroline Spelman, John Whittingdale, David Amess, Andrew Rosindell, John Randall, Maria Miller (Shadow Minister for Family) and Bill Wiggin (Shadow Minister for Environment and Rural Affairs).

Caroline Kisko of the Kennel Club said: "This is the first year we have taken a stand at the Conservative Party Conference and we have been very encouraged by the positive response. Politicians and delegates were genuinely interested in the canine issues that we were there to discuss, such as electric shock collars and dangerous dogs. It was a great opportunity for us to promote responsible dog ownership and pedigree dog ownership to this important political audience. Our attendance was well worthwhile and we shall build on the relationships that we have made to take a number of matters forward with politicians as our campaigns progress."