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Suzie safe

SUZIE, A 16-year-old Border Collie, is the luckiest dog alive after surviving a 200ft fall from a cliff in County Fermanagh.

Suzie went over the cliff near Lough Navar while on a walk with owners Mike and Cathy Tenan, from London, last Saturday night. Fire crews were unable to get to her as darkness fell and a volunteer mountain rescue unit started searching for the dog on Sunday.

Tracks and fur led the team to Suzie, who was distressed and dehydrated, but otherwise unharmed. A North West Mountain Rescue Team (NWMRT) member roped down the cliff to search for the dog, as others walked up the cliff base.

When found the exhausted animal was too tired to walk, and after providing some much needed water, the team carried Suzie over some difficult terrain to reunite her with her delighted owners. Joe Dowdall of the NWMRT said that given the age of the animal it was lucky not to have been seriously injured in the fall, but hitting brush on the way down may have lessened the speed of its unexpected descent. "It look tired and was probably in a bit of shock, but she had started to try to walk when the team found it," he said.