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New sponsor for Champion stakes?

As we go to press OUR DOGS has learned of a possible new supporter for the very popular Champions’ Stakes which takes place at most all breed championship shows throughout the show season.

In an exciting development for the show world, OUR DOGS believes that shows will be offered a new package for 2009, once the incumbent sponsor, Pedigree, has completed the event for 2008. Pedigree of course withdrew its support from many of its previous activities earlier this year.
The new supporter is believed to be Eukanuba who will be offering a package to the shows with product prizes for winners at individual events worth £100, £50 in travelling expenses for day winners. There will be a top prize of £500 worth of product and a trophy , to be won at a grand final to be staged in October 2009.

Each society will receive a contribution to the running expenses of the stakes, whilst still retaining the much needed entry fees that such stakes’ classes generate; OUR DOGS understands that societies will receive more information in a letter from Eukanuba in the next few days.

Such a move must be widely welcomed in these days of financial doom and gloom and it is very heartening to hear that one of the major players in the dog food industry is prepared to back the breeder sector in this way.

OUR DOGS hopes to have further details from Eukanuba on this breaking story in next week’s issue and on our web site.