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Can you help the Doris Banham charity?

The charity, Doris Banham, is having to close, unless help is forthcoming immediately. The charity has advertised on its website the dogs in its care in the hope that suitable homes can be found quickly.

Trudy James of the charity explained that despite appeals for funds it will have to close due to the pressure of numbers of dogs being in need of re-homing that have been rescued by the charity. These dogs would have been put to sleep due to being older or sick and in need of treatment.
The number of dogs needing help has swelled, with most in need of re-homing being Staffordshire Bull Terriers or SBT crosses. Advertised on the web site are a few Akitas, a Rottweiler cross and a mastiff. The reasons that lay behind the increased numbers seeking loving permanent homes are varied, from worries after dog attack scare stories in the general media to problems with the credit crunch hitting families and over breeding.

Trudy is contacting as many charities as possible to ask for help and is hoping that if the dogs are not re-homed with families from the Doris Banham charity that other rescue centres will be able to help by taking on these dogs, this will free up kennel room to enable the Doris Banham charity to help more elderly or sick dogs escape death in other pounds. It is estimated there are about one hundred dogs still to be found a permanent homes with a family or a new temporary home with another charity.

In the last three years the charity has saved the lives of 8,000 dogs. Trudy told Our Dogs: “More than anything we just want to keep going and rescue more dogs from being put to sleep simply because they need medical treatments or are older dogs. Also people can sponsor a dog in the charities kennel, to help with its care and health treatment costs”.

If anyone thinks they can help in any way the number to contact is number is 0208 3639634. or visit