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Fish4Dogs goes live on TV

Worcestershire-based pet food company Fish4Dogs Ltd launched their first ever TV campaign on Monday 13th October. Broadcasting for two weeks on ITV3 nationally, and ITV1 Central. The TV ad is a love story between two dogs - 'Bubbles' the beautiful pink poodle and 'Digby', the Polish Lowland Sheepdog (a rare breed indeed). Bubbles is not interested in the toys and treats he brings her, yawning with boredom even whilst he performs skateboarding tricks - until he brings her a FISH in his mouth. Then she licks her lips and love wins the day. The ad finishes with Digby and Bubbles embracing, and the line: 'Dogs Love Fish4Dogs.'

Fish 4 dogsJill Angell, Marketing Director of Fish4Dogs, said: ‘Digby and Bubbles are both highly-trained canine actors and Digby was quite happy to play Rhett Butler to Bubbles.

‘Scarlett (or should that be pink..?) O'Hara. Watch out for the next episode in this fishy love story,’ added Ms Angell.

Fish4Dogs is the most innovative company in the pet food industry in Europe - now selling their products to over 40 countries, and can be found in most local pet shops and vets throughout the UK since their start up just 3 years ago. The company started in Jill Angell's kitchen, where she made dog treats from fish off-cuts in her Aga at home. Jill discovered that fish was as good for dogs as it is for humans - and the rest is history.

The company took off when the neighbours and local pet shops started asking where they could buy the latest new healthy treats for their dogs. The Sea Jerky and Sea Biscuits fish treats are made from simply fish and rice with no additives, preservatives or colourings and are packed with Omega 3 for glossy coat, healthy joints and general wellbeing.