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Virtual Animal Shelter raises money for charity

A brand new computer game has been launched which is raising money for Wood Green Animal Shelters every time a game is sold.

‘My Animal Shelter’, produced by international software company Avanquest, is available to purchase now and 5% of the net profits from each game will be given to help Wood Green look after for the thousands of animals in their care.

The game provides young people with an introduction to owning a pet and the commitments that come with this. By running the animal shelter they will not only learn the basic skills needed to care for animals they will also be given the opportunity to develop their own shelter.

The players will take in a variety of animals that are unwanted and neglected or injured and will also keep the shelter up and running through fundraising.

All of the components of the game are replicas of what actually happens at Wood Green on a day to day basis including raising funds and caring for sick animals.

Sharon Evans, Director of Fundraising for Wood Green Animal Shelters, said: ‘We are delighted that Avanquest have chosen to help raise money for Wood Green in this way. The game will not only help give us vital funds but will also highlight the importance of caring for your pets;
it is a great way to educate children in animal welfare.’

Debbie Hives, Marketing Manager of Avanquest, said: ‘We’re delighted to be supporting Woodgreen Animal Shelters with the launch of our new Animal Shelter PC game. The software gives children a great insight into the responsibility of owning a pet, and the important role charities like Woodgreen Animal Shelters play in caring for sick and unwanted animals.

‘Woodgreen do a fantastic job and we hope that the donations made from sales of this product will help them continue this vital work,’ added Ms Hives.

For further information and to buy the game ‘My Animal Shelter’ visit