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Allen and Endal: the next chapter

ALLEN PARTON, the tireless charity crusader and one half of the world-famous Allen and Endal partnership has spoken to Our Dogs exclusively following stories in the national press suggesting he had been ‘dumped’ by the Canine Partners charity. The move came after a disagreement concerning Endal’s eventual replacement, Endal Junior (EJ).

Despite investing huge amounts of time promoting the charity world-wide, an e-mail received by Allen suggested a ‘gradual disengagement (of your) relationship with the charity. This decision was taken by the charity after Allen questioned the timing of the announcement of Endal’s retirement. He also purchased his new puppy, EJ, without consulting Canine Partners first.
In an e-mailed reply to Allen’s concerns over the announcement, the Charity’s Chairman, David Newberry said: ‘Canine Partners has always wished to make it clear that we wish to work closely with you to manage the PR aspects of Endal’s retirement,’ but later went on to express disappointment that Allen had already spoken to local and canine press.

Allen’s request to withdraw the press release was ‘noted’, though Mr Newberry stressed that at that stage it was ‘unlikely to have any impact.’

Allen told us: ‘At that point Endal had not yet retired and, despite my direct request that no release be issued (as is the norm for partner dogs retiring), the charity issued one. As Endal is still working with me, I found that bloody hurtful! I really felt like they had put the knife in.’
The second concern arose over Allen’s purchase of EJ. Canine partner dogs are the property of the charity until their retirement, after which owners take over. However, no money is contributed towards food or veterinary bills, these are the sole responsibility of the owners.

EJ’s arrival caused the expected media stir, and the say of his arrival at the Parton household saw the BBC filming him in his new home.

‘No one told me that EJ wasn’t going to be a bona-fide canine partner, in fact they insisted that he was filmed with his jacket.’

Later, however, Allen was told that he should not have gone and picked EJ on his own, which contravened the Canine Partners’ rules. Allen, however, is adamant that the charity were involved in the choice of EJ from the start. In an e-mail to allen from Terry Knott, dated 8th February 2008, it was stated that: ‘We are very sympathetic to your idea of taking on a puppy, but from our point of view it would have to be when you (and Endal) are ready to do so. At that time, we can cover how we might enable your training of the puppy (the Chairman was sympathetic to this concept, when last we spoke about it) and how we might jacket it.

‘Therefore I can assure you that you will definitely be included “in” in the way forward and secondly, there is no rush to do so, as long as Endal remains fit and active. (And please don’t read anything into that either – it’s a statement of the obvious.’

Allen now awaits word as to what he is to do next, though e-mails between him and the charity as far back as February suggest EJ’s role in promoting the charity’s work at crufts 2008. His challenge to the charity had been to encourage and nurture a disabled owner’s ability to assist in the training of the dogs - a challenge Allen now feels is more important than ever.

Allen told us: ‘I love the charity to pieces and i do still work for them, I’m just trying to hold my chin up and get EJ certified by them.’

A charity spokesperson declined to comment.