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New demonstrations planned

A further protest is planned for London previously expected to go ahead on the 20th December it will now take place on Saturday 12th January. As part of the protest organisers are asking for dog lovers to sign a petition supporting the KC’s bid for statuatory powers to regulate dog breeding in the UK.

The Kennel Club has, in support of this, issued another information release regarding its plans for the Accredited Breeder Scheme, which is being reviewed.

The Kennel Club has now got over 3,000 members on it’s accredited Breeder scheme, and is planning to appoint a network of Regional Advisers to visit and assess local Accredited Breeders across the country. Breeders who are setting an exemplary benchmark for good breeding practice, within the scheme, by awarding Accredited Breeder of Excellence titles. AB scheme breeders have all agreed to sign up to Kennel Club standards for responsible breeding, which include following guidelines about maximum litter sizes, ensuring puppies are always seen with their mothers and giving their dogs the recommended health tests for their breed. This means that those who have not officially confirmed their willingness to follow the health standards set by the Kennel Club would be unable to produce or sell puppies within the law.


Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club spokesperson, said: “As part of its programme of continual improvement and following feedback from scheme members and supportive Breed Clubs the Kennel Club has announced some important developments to its Accredited Breeder Scheme. These will help to ensure that the scheme is recognised nationally as a bastion of quality and excellence in dog breeding and will further help the public to distinguish between good and bad breeders, so that they can make responsible choices when they are buying a dog. We recently asked the government for the statutory powers to enforce our Accredited Breeder Scheme nationally, which would mean that puppy farmers who do not subscribe to our high standards will be forced to show their hand and would be breeding and selling their puppies outside of the law”.
Further developments currently under way announced by the Kennel Club, will be to meet with breed clubs who will also be invited to nominate breed mentors, as expert advisors to educate both novice breeders and puppy buyers about their breed. It is hoped by the organisers of the protests that the Kennel Club will be able to bring in more changes to the ABS and become tougher on those breeders who currently enjoy ABS status who still are not responsible breeders in the every sense of the idea.

It is well known that there are breeder members of the ABS who offer courier services to puppy buyers or allow stud dogs to be used excessively or produce many litters per year, a thing which is often disguised as they will have a number of breeds spread across the groups.

In the run up to Christmas this year the Dogs Trust has already started an advertising campaign, with adverts on the television to alert the public to the number of rescue dogs it takes care of and will no doubt at some point turn its attention to puppy farmers, since these are the very people the Kennel Club and the Dogs Trust are trying to put out of business. All responsible breeders will support any organisation which desires to put an end to the canine misery which is known as the puppy farm.