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KC hosts Question Time at Stoneleigh

Kennel ClubOUR DOGS was one of the many who attended the KC Question time at the new Kennel Club Building in Stoneleigh on Monday evening. The evening took on extra significance with a number of announcements being made.

Approximately 75 people attended and Mr Ronnie Irving introduced the high ranking panel, which included himself as Chairman, Mr Bill Hardaway, Vice Chairman, Rosemary Smart, Chief Executive, Caroline Kisko, Secretary, Bill Lambert, Health and Breeder Services Manager, and Katherine Symns, Canine Activities Executive.

Mr Irving explained the aim of this informal meeting was to show those present what the Kennel Club was currently doing, the future plans, and to hold an informal question time from the audience. He stated that a press release regarding Crufts had been sent to both the dog press and the national press and outlined the content for the audience.

Caroline Kisko gave an excellent presentation showing the progress the Kennel Club is making in various directions, including the official health schemes already in place by the Kennel Club, future plans for further schemes, future training for judges, and the work they hope to accomplish with the Animal Health Trust to benefit the health of dogs.

New applications

The Accredited Breeders Scheme was discussed at great length, there are now some 3000 Accredited Breeders, and this number is increasing with approximately 100 new applications every week. There will be some changes made to the Scheme over the coming months, these include working closely with the Breed Clubs to initiate a further accolade ‘Excellence’, Accredited Breeder Advisors, and Breed Mentors. (See elsewhere in this week’s issue)

Compulsory and Recommended Health Testing Schemes were discussed following questions from the audience.

Lastly the Code of Ethics was discussed. Caroline Kisko explained the reasons for the new Code of Ethics being sent to Clubs, and the fact that to date the Breed Clubs have not been required to send this document to the Kennel Club with their yearly returns, placing the Kennel Club in a dilemma following the TV programme, as their knowledge of each club’s Code of Ethics was extremely limited. She went on to explain that the basic code of ethics was just that and that breed clubs could add their own individual points, and submit it to the Kennel Club for their approval.

Further questions were asked regarding various subjects including Judging, Working Trials and Agility before the meeting closed.

The fact that the panel was made up of the top tier of the KC team underlines the Kennel Clubs’ desire and willingness to interface with the people it represents and to get direct feedback from the grassroots. OUR DOGS wholeheartedly recommends that you take the opportunity to attend any future events, and have your say.