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New social website shakes up pet industry
Our Dogs gets caught up in the launch of -
the interactive online portal for all your pet needs

The eagerly-awaited brand-new social networking website launched last week and has already proved to be an online success taking the pet industry by storm.

Marc Abrahams and Andrew SealDog owners and dog-related businesses have already been signed-up free of charge in their hundreds in the first few days and are already sharing the benefits of comments and invaluable mystery shopper-style feedback.

In a first for the pet world, the site harnesses the power of social networks on the internet – in a similar way to Facebook and Tripadvisor – allowing pet owners to join together to share and rate their own pet-related experiences and ultimately help each other find the ‘best their pet can get’. It’s hard to imagine that these types of website, which include web-superbrands Amazon and eBay, were all in fact just simple empty shells once totally relying on the online user to input all the information, or ‘content’ as it’s known.

By remaining completely free and transparent, is available to everyone with or without a pet, and aims to be the most trusted and up-to-date source of pet information available anywhere.

Pet owners can already find reviews of pet friendly services such as groomers, dog breeders, kennels, vets and pet-friendly hotels and pubs; all added online by other pet owners, thus turning the consumer into the publisher. They will also be able to connect online with friends and their pets, creating individual profiles and their own virtual niche community of pet-loving friends.


Pet-friendly businesses can of course list their service on the website for free and most importantly be able to interact directly with their customers.

Created by Our Dogs’ very own ‘Funky Vet’ Marc Abraham and online social media expert Andrew Seel, aims to revolutionize the global pet industry. It will harness the power of the online community to ensure animals always come first.

By encouraging the online dog-lover to log on and share their canine experiences with other like-minded users, will highlight the most pet-friendly, value-for-money businesses out there that are making owners not only visit them in these tough financial times but carry on owning pets forever. will showcase and promote these businesses which are proudly putting ‘pet before profit’ and give the best customer service. By doing this, also hopes it will lead to greatly reducing the number of animals tragically abandoned in rescue centres – sadly a major problem nationwide right now. will also significantly aid dog breeders whose client base now, for obvious reasons, are keener than ever to learn more about canine health issues and potential individual breed problems. Online users will be able to ask breeders questions, and share valuable feedback with other potential users when searching for a new puppy.


MArc Abrahams, Julian Bennett and Anneka SvenskaMarc told us: “After working in the pet industry as a vet for 13 years, I believe it’s time for a much-needed shake-up. Increasing corporate attitudes, widespread complacency and a lack of the personal touch are turning pets into luxury items when they were once just a normal part of everyone’s family.”

He added: “Online pet forums allowing pet owners to communicate with each other have been around for years, but none of them have ever helped the pet-owner find the most value-for-money vet in this way, or a pet-shop that really does care for your beloved pet, or even which hotel or pub you can enjoy with your whole family.”

The intimate launch party was held at London’s most pet- friendly hotel, The Milestone in Kensington and as well as the pet-owning media personalities present there were representatives of’s already growing list of industry supporters, including the Kennel Club, Vets Get Scanning, Petlog and the Bella Moss Foundation. Excited guests were also treated to an exotic animal display which included an eagle owl, armadillo, skunk and a massive albino python.

For more information and to sign up for free, visit today.