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The Campaign for Real Pet Food at Discover Dogs

Since its 1st September launch date, the Campaign for Real Pet Food has sparked industry-wide debate, national media coverage and an army of supporters (including some famous faces).
Spearheaded by TV vet, Joe Inglis and other passionate individuals from the pet world, including behaviourists and natural pet food manufacturers, the aims of the Jamie Oliver school dinner-esque campaign are three-fold:

• to educate pet owners on the true contents of pet food

• to highlight the importance of openness and honesty in pet food labelling

• to promote the benefits of a natural diet for pets.

With vets frequently linking bad behaviour in pets to an additive-heavy diet, transparency in pet food ingredients’ labels is crucial. The Campaign believes that pet owners need to be given the opportunity to make an informed decision about the foods they are buying for their pets and the E-numbers and cheap ingredients they contain. The Campaign is fighting for industry reforms to make this possible.

Victoria Stilwell, world-renowned dog trainer, author and TV personality is the Campaign’s newest celebrity supporter. She joins Matt Baker (BBC presenter), Bruce Oldfield MBE (British fashion designer), Summer Strallen (star of the West End musical The Sound of Music), Sally Gunnell (champion athlete), Anthony Head (actor) and Deborah Meaden (Dragon’s Den entrepreneur) to bring yet more independent credibility and high profile support to the latest hot-topic in the pet food industry.

Discover Dogs is described as “an interactive experience dedicated to every aspect of canine care and promoting responsible dog ownership”; so what better place could there be for the Campaign for Real Pet Food members to come together to champion their cause with dog lovers from across the country?

Some of the natural pet food manufacturers supporting the Campaign, pledging to only use high quality, individually identified ingredients – without the use of artificial additives – are exhibiting at this year’s Discover Dogs exhibition, where Joe Inglis will also be making a special guest appearance.

Visit the Feelwells stand (216) at Discover Dogs, Earls Court 2, London on 8th and 9th November, for further information on the Campaign, the others involved and how to pledge your support. Alternatively visit the Campaign for Real Pet Food website at