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KC Chairman gratified at RSPCA’s ‘understanding’

KC Chairman Ronnie Irving spoke this week of his belief that the RSPCA is finally beginning to understand the KC’s strategy regarding the health and welfare of pedigree dogs.

Following the interview with the RSPCA’s veterinary advisor, Mark Evans, which appeared in last week’s issue, Mr Irving wrote to the canine press saying that he felt that it was ‘encouraging to see the many positive attitudes being taken by Mark Evans in last week’s editions of your paper and to see just how close Mr Evans’ views now are to those of the Kennel Club, on so many fronts.

He continued: ‘There are, however, some erroneous and confusing statements included in the interview replies and I wish to make some things clear. Firstly the Kennel Club continues to invite conversation with all organisations which have the health and welfare of dogs as their primary objective. Such dialogue includes conversation with the RSPCA.

‘Second, a meeting has already taken place with the RSPCA, at which the Chief Executives of both organisations attended, as did Mark Evans.

‘Finally, the Kennel Club’s offer of a further meeting between our veterinary specialists is currently in place, whereby discussion of the approach that the Kennel Club health and welfare strategy will take, can be pursued.

Mr Irving said that he felt that, after being Chairman of the Kennel Club for the last six years, that it is now very gratifying to learn that at long last the RSPCA and Mark Evans were starting to understand the KC’s work and agree with its strategy.