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Did family dog die from bite?

A stowaway spider has caused a family to move out of their home, in Colchester Essex. It is thought a camel spider, was transported to the UK in luggage from Afghanistan where Rodney Griffiths was serving with the paratroopers in Helmand.

The Griffiths claim their eight year old pet dog Bella had been bitten by the spider and has had to be put to sleep as a result. If a person is bitten by the spider they may suffer inflammation but this will be from a secondary infection. In Bella’s case she became unwell and over the next few days got worse. The family took the dog to the vet, but no post mortem was performed to identify the cause of Bella’s illness.

Our Dogs contacted Iain Newby of the Dangerous Wild Animal Rescue Facility, to ask if this spider could be a threat to other pet dogs. Mr Newby told Our Dogs that the camel spider is not a true spider, and is not venomous, it belongs to the arachnid group but is a member of Solifugae, their name means those that flee from the sun. If a bite from this creature is not cleaned and treated with anti-biotics immediately then the wound can become infected and cause inflammation. Mr Newby doubts that the dog died as a result of the bite, but more likely the dog became ill as a result of a severe reaction to a sting or some other cause.