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Jersey: where dedication pays off!

The lasting memory from this championship show, apart from the haircut of the enthusiastic President Steven Edwards, was of a dedicated band of dog enthusiasts enjoying their sport on the lovely island of Jersey in the Channel Islands.


This was my first visit to either the show or the Islands themselves, so it was a bit of a learning curve for me, although at least the language was no barrier on this trip for a change!

I was particularly impressed by the lengths that exhibitors have to go to, to campaign a dog both in Jersey, where particular rules apply for winning CCs for example, and then on the mainland at our normal General Championship shows. Boat times, delayed ferries, cost of the ferry and more have all got to be taken into consideration which all add to either the enjoyment - or the difficulty factor - for the hardened exhibitor, whichever way you look at it.

The committee do have a rather pleasant showground for their events however, and even though inclement weather meant a move indoors this year, it did not spoil the garden party atmosphere that often prevails.

The sun did come out in the afternoon, much to the delight of OUR DOGS photographer and Jersey regular, Mr John Jackson, although all of the judging took place indoors. There were excellent rings and facilities for the three main judges, all over from the UK with Tom Mather doing BIS, Toy and Utility, Ron James (Terrier and Gundogs) and Alec Mackenzie the other groups and local girl Christine Marret the junior handling classes.

This was the 12th Jersey Championship Show where Jersey Challenge Certificates were awarded to Group Winners and also Crufts qualification on offer to Best in Group, BP in group and Junior in group. Junior Handlers qualified for Richmond.

Dogs appeared early in the morning, the OUR DOGS stand was kept busy, judging took place and then more dogs arrived on a kind of rotation basis. Clearly everyone knew the format and this allowed for things to tick over all day with the committee working hard and Steven Edwards buzzing around with the roving microphone throughout the day. Ro Cox is the Press Officer for the committee and her report has already appeared in OUR DOGS August 8th edition, so the main winners have already been well documented.

It was soon time for Best in Show and local man Peter Walker took the top spot with his Lhasa Apso, Khalila Justin Credible for Petwalk under Tom Mather which then left me working out what was the stakes class that followed; suffice to say that the Piggy Bank Stakes was won by an Elkhound and we are reliably informed that there is now £53.00 in the piggy bank!

That evening all the judges gave a short speech on their judging at an enjoyable dinner at a local hotel and certificates were presented to winners.

My thanks to all the committee for their hospitality and friendship, the delightful pre show lunch at the house of Vice President Elinor McFadden, Stuart and Pam for their help with the OUR DOGS stand, and of course John Jackson for the guided tour round the Island.
At least I bought him a Jersey ice cream for his troubles!



It was a real pleasure to pay a return visit to Jersey for their Summer Championship Show. The Royal Jersey Showground really is superb with beautifully landscaped lawns and a large hall with good sized, carpeted rings in case of wet weather. There were some really good quality dogs on show and I was particularly impressed with the very high standard of the Veterans exhibited. My sincere thanks go to the Kennel Club for their hospitality.

Best in Show 1 Khalila Justin Credible for Petwalk. This gold and white Lhasa was presented in tip top condition and pulled out all the stops today. Good skull and dark well placed eyes. Arched neck and well laid shoulders. Well bodied with good length of rib. Moves well with a free, jaunty action and presented to best advantage. 2 Trioen True Blue. A very attractive youngster with an elegant and racy outline. Good length of neck and well laid shoulders.

Good depth of chest and spring of rib. Moved soundly and with drive and looks most appealing in profile. 3 Ksarina Designers Dream PD’H. A lovely quality veteran Pekingese who carries his years well. Most appealing in head with correctly shaped envelope face; full dark shining eyes and nicely cushioned muzzle with large, open nostrils. Good forehand and bone. Shapely and compact and moves well in a very typical fashion. Despite the heat in the hall he showed beautifully. Spotlessly clean and in wonderful coat and condition.

I gave him the Toy Group here nearly five years ago and could find nothing in the Toys to beat him today. This win gave him his Jersey Championship. Well done. 4 Jangel’s Just A Gigolo at Jahera. A young Afghan Hound dog with a pleasing head and allof expression. Good length of neck and strong bone and well laid shoulder.

Nicely angulated hindquarters and moved with the style and soundness expected of the breed.


Best Puppy in Show 1 Petwalk Que Sera Sera. A well balanced youngster of good type and size. Good length of skull and bright expression. Excellent forehand and good depth of chest. Sound and free moving. Fine coat. 2 Granitangel Zircon. S.B.T. Pleasing head, deep with good breadth of skull, dark eye & neat ears, straight front. Adequate depth of brisket and typical body. Moved out well with a strong, free striding action. Should have a good future. 3 Meantmore Loiter in the Wings. A vivacious and elegant Toy Poodle with a pleasing head, good leathers and nice muzzle.

Excellent forehand and neat feet. Good body with short back and good tailset and carriage. Nicely angulated and well muscled hindquarters gave her the edge in the challenge for B.O.B. Expertly presented. 4 Thelbern Step in Time with Rudoli. A very assured and compose O/S dog of good type and balance. Very pleasing head with good ears, dentition and pigment. Good forehand and barrel with high set and well carried tail. Harsh top coat. Moved soundly and shows beautifully for such a youngster.

Toy Group 1 Ksarina Designers Dream PD’H. 2 Thelbern the Tangerine Man. Lovely type and size with a good expression, excellent forehand and well ribbed body. Harsh coat and moved well with a typical buoyant action. 3 Honeyvale Neige Emiett. A very typical and stylish bitch. Lovely head with adequate breadth of skull and dark, well placed eyes and good haloes. Good forehand and really uses her neck well which gives her a good outline. Presented in pristine coat and condition. 4 Ashtelle Corbierre.C.K.C.S. A veteran in lovely coat and condition. Well marked blenheim with a most attractive head and eye. Excels in forehand with well laid shoulder, well bodied with good rib. Moved soundly.

Best Toy Puppy Thelbern Step in Time with Rudoli.
Other class winners included:

C.K.C.S. Admirari Rainbow Brite. This 20 month old blenheim bitch is pleasing for both type and balance. Good skull with well placed ears, large round eye and nicely padded muzzle. Moves well.

Pekingese Yakee Equal Opportunity at Ksarina. Reserve B.O.B. Pleasing head with good breadth of skull, large dark eye and well placed, open nostrils. Good forehand with breadth of chest and and good bone. Moved well and shown in lovely condition. I just preferred the compactness of the dog in the challenge. Ksarina Stardust Melody. A small and solidly built bitch who picks up really well. Good skull and eye. Well boned, shapely and compact. Sound on the move.

Papillon Serenglade Hot Toddy. A dainty and elegant dog with a grand head, fine muzzle and well placed, large mobile ears. Finely boned with nice hare feet. Good body. Just a shade untidy in front action, very smart in profile and shows to advantage. B.O.B. Tutyak Brodie. A lovely headed dog with large, well fringed ears and fine muzzle. Good forehand. Well balanced but could carry more weight to advantage. Sound and typical. Excellent coat texture. Serenglade Silver Surfer. Soundly made r/w dog who is pleasing to handle with his good body, firm topline and good spring of rib. Good head and ears. Moved soundly and with some style.

Pomeranian Thelbern Dancing Diva of Rudoli. A really pretty and composed baby of excellent type. Neat ears and dark sparkling eyes. Good body and tailset. Moved soundly with light action. Shows to best advantage. Thelbern Ta Die For. She has a lovely head and expression with neat ears and good pigment. Well bodied with good forehand and high set and well carried tail. Very stylish and when in full coat should trouble the best.

Utility Group 1 Khalila Justin Credible for Petwalk. 2 Inyawood Miss Brodie. A good headed French Bulldog bitch of some quality. Decent forehand with good bone and neat feet. Short and cobby with typical pear shaped body. Moved soundly with a free action. 3 Meantmore Loiter in the Wings 4 Idadoun Black ‘N’ Dreamy. A lovely Veteran bitch with a pleasing head, dark almond eye, good leathers and good mouth with clean teeth. Good forehand with neat feet and adequate depth of chest. Well ribbed and shown in good coat and first class condition. Moves soundly.

Best Utility Puppy 1 Meantmore Loiter in the Wings 2 Araki Warrior Oh Starz. A well balanced Tibetan Terrier of good type and style. Good head with large, dark eye. Good mouth. Decent forehand and well bodied with good topline and tailset. Good coat texture. Shows well.
Other class winners included:

Lhasa Apso Jadeish Tiger Tots. A very typical and well made bitch. Nicely arched neck, well laid shoulders and good forehand. Excellent topline and tailset. Good coat texture and presented to advantage.

Pleasing on the move. Ch Ragoosa Just Jolly at Oraysha JW. I knew this breed was long lived but I found it hard to believe that this lovely bitch was 13 years old. Shown in full bloom and condition. Good skull with dark eye and she still has a good mouth. Well bodied with firm topline and high set tail. Steps out in very typical style.

Tibetan Terrier Araki Wizard of Ahhs. B.O.B. An attractive and stylish gold and white dog. Pleasing head and expression with good sized, dark eye. Decent forehand with good legs and feet. Well bodied with short, strong loin. In good coat and condition. Very pleasing in profile.

Shih Tzu Forepaws Gift of Gold. B.O.B. A good quality gold and white dog with decent skull, large, dark eye and well placed large open nostrils. Well bodied with good topline and tailset. Moved out well showing rear pads.

Tibetan Spaniel Mulltye Kit-Si. Good skull and dark, oval eye. Good forehand with typical feet. Well bodied with spring of rib. Just a shade close behind but looks very smart in profile. Carries just enough coat and shows well. B.O.B.

Poodle (Miniature) Maldavael Jackson Junior. This young dog was disappointing as he is of good type and pleasing balance but so obviously did not really enjoy his day. He has a good head of adequate length and with some chiselling and a decent chin. Nice neck and shoulders. Well bodied with a good tailset. His coat was well presented and is of a good texture. Moved soundly but without the joie de vivre one expects of the breed.

Bulldog Shiloh High and Mighty at Dimkas. B.O.B. Very typical and with bags of quality. Good sized skull with large, open nostrils and good breadth of underjaw. Good breadth of chest and adequate length of leg make him very well balanced. Lovely pear shaped body and moved out well typical short steps. Bronorn Chardiania at Dimkas. A good moving bitch but she couldn’t quite match her kennel mate in head or for balance. Well shaped body with typical tuck up.

Poodle Toy Montana Leading Lady at Meantmore. A good quality black with a pleasing head, good eye and leathers and good dentition. Excellent forehand and tight, neat feet. Very well ribbed with good topline and tailset. Moves well and with some style.

Japanese Spitz Leymun Minna Mema. Very pretty head and expression with neat ears and good pigment. Good forehand and well bodied. Rather out of coat and reluctant to use her tail.

Leymun Kami Tako. B.O.B. Absolutely typical and very pleasing in head with nicely shaped eye, neat ears and good pigmentation. Strong, well ribbed body with high set tail. In good coat and shows to best advantage.

Tom Mather

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