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A right chip off the old block!

Endal Junior (EJ) has really taken to his new role as Gulf war veteran Allen Parton's assistance dog in training with such enthusiastic gusto.

Allen and EndalEven showing his natural potential to be a great media hound at the same time! Yesterday at the crack of dawn Allen, Endal and EJ appeared on BBC radio Solent talking about the transitional changes from Endal going into retirement and the introduction of young EJ and what the future hopes are. EJ barked on queue with military precision, during his introduction, announcing his arrival to the listening audience in his own way "he really is so much like Endal and is picking up on a few of Endal's traits most good and a few bad" says Allen.

After two hours on the radio the intrepid trio, with a BBC film crew in tow, then attended puppy class at Canine Partners national training center at Midhurst, in west Sussex. More interviews and filming during the class, which when the star is a little 17 week old puppy, the outcome very unpredictable but EJ didn't let the team down and was the perfect model throughout. As if that was not enough lime light for little EJ and Endal, BBC South Today came to the Parton home in Clanfield later in the evening to do a live transmit ion during the evening programme. Live TV and two dogs maybe not to words one would not normally use comfortably together but veteran Endal posed regally on the sofa with young EJ at his feet both behaving impeccably during the interview with Allen and his wife Sandra.

Allen proudly told us: ‘I thought when Endal retired our lives would be a wee bit quieter but EJ has other ideas on this subject and he has already become quite a celebrity around the world and he is only 17 weeks old. Endal's yawn, live on air at the end of the programme really said it all!’