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How to have fun in the rain!

The wet weather did nothing to dampen the spirits of the many visitors to the Dogs Trust Evesham Fun Dog Show held on Sunday 31st August at the Wickhamford Centre.

The show was opened by Sue Barker who also judged the first two classes namely Best Re-homed Dog from Wickhamford who was Baz the Lurcher aged around 15 years owned by Ruth Jordan and handled by Dawn Talbot. The second class was the Best Re-homed Bitch from Wickhamford who was two-year-old Holly a Labrador/ Whippet cross pictured with her owner Zoe Walker and Sue Barker.

There were several stalls representing many worthy charities and the ever present and much needed tea and cake stand that was well attended during the day. The visitors were also able to enjoy a selection of demonstrations including one from Stuntdogs owned by Gill Reddings who was out of the country filming but trainers Sue Darley and Sonia Hooper were able to put the dogs through their paces, which included “playing dead” and “limping”. The canine film stars included Wellard formerly from EastEnders whose real name is Kyte and who looked very well indeed for her 12 years. Tori a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who has appeared in the “Young Victoria” film, Blake a Mastiff cross from Battersea Dogs Home who has played King Henry’s dog – what a wonderful rags to riches story, and returning the EastEnders theme – Mungo who was “run over” by Dot!

Fundraising was the aim of the day and rightly so – people could have their photographs taken with Wellard and the other canine celebrities for a small fee and the Dogs Trust even had their own donation seeking Dalmatians aka Michelle Bradley and Rachel Cartwright with James and 16 year old Jasper who was re-homed by Dogs Trust to Michelle and James two years ago. Other show hopefuls for the day included Tango a Retriever/Rough Collie cross who came 6th in Best Re-homed Dog owned by Clare Green and Phoebe was entering Prettiest Bitch in her fetching pink mackintosh with her owner Zoe Lavery.

The Most Handsome dog was won by Ferno a Munsterlander/Irish Setter cross who was also re-homed from Wickhamford pictured with his owners Trevor and Liz Ward with judge Mrs Jenny Bennett. Bess the Trail-hound re-homed to her new owner Louise Folkes only four weeks ago entered the “Have-a-go agility” as did Penny who jumped with her owner Francesca Carmine. Another fast canine came in the form of Heather a six-month-old collie that entered the “Doggie Dash” being followed on the course by her owner Jan Creig.

I believe a good day was had by all regardless of the weather and money was raised for a most worthy cause. The Dogs Trust were also offering Centre tours where people could see the dogs in need of loving homes – I sincerely hope that many have found new families and will live long and happy lives in the comfort that they deserve.

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