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Eighteen stray dogs put to sleep every day

THE Dogs Trust annual Stray Dogs Report revealed that an estimated 96,892 stray dogs were taken in by local councils in the UK last year; 6,710 of which were put to sleep for want of a home.
Dogs Trust is urging those looking for a new dog to visit their local rescue centre before splashing the cash on a ‘retail Rover’.

The report conducted by GfK NOP on behalf of Dogs Trust shows a reduction from the previous year but as the charity’s Chief Executive Clarissa Baldwin explains, there is still much work to do.
‘This is the first year that the number of stray dogs in the UK has dropped below 100,000. But this is still far too high a figure – it’s 6,000 more than the number of seats at Wembley!’ she says. ‘For a nation of so-called animal lovers it is unacceptable that pets are being treated as throwaway commodities. Dog ownership is a privilege, not a right.’

The charity believes the most effective and humane way of reducing stray dog numbers in the long-term is best achieved through education, neutering and microchipping. Last year, microchips helped reunite 30% of strays with their owners. Dogs Trust invests approximately £5m each year in neutering, microchipping and education programmes in the worst affected areas of the UK including Northern Ireland, North West, North East and Wales.

Dogs Trust is the UK’s largest dog welfare charity and cares for 16,000 dogs a year through its network of 17 rehoming centres. Dogs Trust never destroys a healthy dog in its care