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Greater Swiss mountain Dog recognised

The General Committee of the Kennel Club recently granted recognition to the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, at a meeting held on the 8th July, the breed was recognized by the Swiss Kennel Club in 1910.

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is claimed to be one of the older breeds in the world. It is believed that some 2000 years ago the Romans left some of their dogs behind them in Switzerland as they marched to the north. These working dogs became separated into four types, the Appenzeller, the Entlebucher, the Berner, known in the UK as the Bernese Mountain Dog and the largest of the four, the Grosser.

Described as a handsome, large, working dog, shiny black, with red-gold and white markings on its face, chest, and paws, it is smooth-coated and it has a long white-tipped tail. The height is about 26 to 28 inches high at the shoulder. Males weigh about 130 pounds, females about 100. The Swiss Mountain Dog is characterized by its calm, steady disposition. The breed were often used as draft dogs, pulling small carts for local businesses.

An Interim Breed Standard for the breed has not yet been issued, so the breed is not currently eligible for exhibition at Kennel Club licensed breed shows. A standard will be published by the Kennel Club once the breed has become established in UK. The breed will be added to the Import Register in the working group on 1st of October 2008 and eligible for registration with the Kennel Club from this date.