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Utonagans moved again?

Following last week’s report concerning Ms Nadia Carlyle, it appears that yet again Hillbank kennels have become the centre of a news story.

Having signed over the remaining utonagan dogs to the Ryan brothers Ms Nadia Carlyle, prosecuted under the 1911 Protection of Animals act for nine charges of causing unnecessary suffering to her utonagan dogs in the Forest Of Dean recently, abandoned eighteen dogs at Hillbank kennels in Ayrshire before moving back south to Leicestershire.

The Ryan brothers cleaned up the kennels and made sure the dogs were well looked after while they looked for a suitable premises in Norfolk, where they live in a council property. Unfortunately they could not find suitable, vacant premises, to take the dogs to, and so it is alleged that they had to hand the dogs over to the SSPCA, after Mr Hamilton who owns the property evicted the Ryans and the dogs, as he had a new tenant ready to move in to the property. Mr Hamilton, who illegally ran a kennel and was prosecuted for running the kennel with out a license,now owns several properties in the area which he rents out.

The SSPCA turned up at Hillbank kennels this week with two large and two small vans into which they were seen to be loading the dogs. Our Dogs asked the SSPCA for a comment but as we go to press we have received no comment.