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The Coonhound has landed!!

OUR DOGS has had exclusive access to a new breed of dog imported into this country in the shape of the Tree Walking Coonhound. We are pleased to bring you photos of a new litter of pups, bred by Brian and Judith Beech of Tamworth, Staffs.

The Treeing Walker is a descendant of the English Foxhound, which Thomas Walker imported to Virginia, USA, in 1742. Sometime in the 1800's it was crossed into the Walker Hound, producing a powerful dog, excelling in game sense, drive and speed, and having a clear, short-chop mouth.

The Treeing Walker was not recognized as its own breed until 1946. This coonhound has retained the looks of its ancestors, the English Foxhound and has an underlying sense of game coupled with untiring speed and manly drive.

The Treeing Walker Coonhound is an efficient and reliable hunter of raccoons in the States, hence the name.

The Treeing Walker "trees" its prey, and can then sometimes virtually climb the tree, or else, and with a little training, it will merely bay its distinctive howl.

For more information see the advert in this week’s issue.


We believe these are the first representatives of the breed in the UK and are from top quality American stock, bred by Wayne Moore and Anna Stone, of Connecticut, now residing and still breeding in Illinois.

The proud parents, Buck and Beau, two years old, have been with us in the UK for 15 months and have produced a beautiful litter of puppies which we now offer for sale.

The price of each puppy is £350 and this includes a three generation pedigree from the AKC, and a seven generation pedigree from the UKC, their injections, micro chips and 12 months subscription to the UKC for the monthly magazine.

Buck and Beau are both registered with both of the kennel club’s in the USA.

For further information or enquiries please contact:
Brian and Judith Beech
Brian 0773 904 1277
Judith 0785 306 5082
or 01827 830152
(Tamworth, Staffs)