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Gamefair welcomes Discover Dogs

For the first time ever, Discover Dogs is heading for pastures new! A section of the show will be travelling 150 miles to the centre of England, to visit one of the finest showcases of country life in the world, the Midland Game Fair, which takes place on the weekend of September 20th – 21st at Weston Park, Shropshire.

With over 85,000 visitors each year, the Midland Game Fair has proven itself as one of the best ways for visitors to learn more about country sports.

The atmosphere of the Midland Game Fair is legendary for being one of the finest countryside events anywhere and a true celebration of everything which rural life has to offer. Dog events have been integral to the fair since it began in 1982, and the introduction of Discover Dogs ensures that the event continues to expand and develop.

It will focus on the traditional working breeds in the Gundog group, which will provide a showcase for some of the lesser-known breeds, together with expert owners to answer any questions which visitors may have.

Vulnerable breeds will also be present in the Discover Dogs area thanks to the Native Breeds Trust. The Trust is keen to educate potential owners and the public at large on the positive aspects of Britain’s native breeds.

By encouraging the ownership of the vulnerable breeds, they hope to ensure a secure future for them. The Trust will be promoting the breeds to the public who may not be aware of their existence.

Caroline Kisko, speaking for the Kennel Club said, “We are really pleased at the new partnership between Discover Dogs and the Midland Game Fair. Discover Dogs is all about educating the public on the many different breeds of pedigree dogs, and their health and welfare, and helping them decide which breed is right for them.

The Midland Game Fair has always had working dogs at the very heart of the event, so we are pleased that they are teaming up with one of our biggest dog shows. And if you love dogs, you’ll love Discover Dogs!”

Midland Game Fair tickets are on sale now, priced at £14 (Saturday), £16 (Sunday), and £5 for children, with a 10% discount for advance purchase. Campsite pitches are also booking up fast, and are strictly limited.

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