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Evidence a requirement for larger litters

FOLLOWING ITS call to all breeders and exhibitors to adhere more to certain guideline, the Kennel Club last week announced that registration of very large litters may require veterinary or photographic evidence.

The Kennel Club has confirmed its concern that some people are nowadays breeding very large litters that appear to occur in some breeds, and is now taking action to protect the integrity of its registration system.

The Kennel Club’s registration system is initially based entirely on trust, and it is keen to ensure that this trust is not abused in any way.

Whilst there is no doubt that larger than average litters sometimes do occur in this modern age of enhanced breeding facilities and veterinary assistance, and are then subsequently registered by the Kennel Club in good faith, measures are now in place to confirm the veracity of such registrations.

The problem with any allegations regarding incorrect submissions has always been obtaining the necessary proof that a registration is not correct.

Therefore with immediate effect, the Kennel Club has introduced a policy whereby breeders of overly large litters may be asked to provide evidence of the number of puppies whelped, such as a letter from a veterinary surgeon or photographic evidence.

As a result of this new policy, the Kennel Club strongly recommends that breeders with unusually large litters pre-empt any subsequent queries by DNA parentage testing the puppies concerned. Further details of parentage testing can be found at