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Trade news

Wholesome Natural Complete now with the Goodness of Maize

Burns Pet Nutrition Ltd. has extended its range of holistic diets to include an exciting new range of Maize Products. Maize, like brown rice, is a whole grain which has been a traditional staple diet of humans for many thousands of years.

The use of whole grains is the philosophy on which Burns Pet Nutrition is based. Some manufacturers use ingredients such as maize by-products, but at Burns we rely on the whole grain which is "gluten-free". Burns Maize diets are suitable for any pet owner wishing to feed a natural holistic food.

With three tasty varieties to try; Chicken & Maize, Lamb & Maize and Fish & Maize, dogs which are not suited to rice-based foods will have an alternative to try in addition to Burns Pork and Potato. Like our other foods, these are hypo-allergenic and highly digestible. The maize foods are also suitable for adult dogs from 6 months and seniors.

The maize range is a complete balanced food and is intended to satisfy requirements for maintenance.

Our Maize range will be the first in a series of new products and developments which we will be rolling out over the forthcoming months. Burns have introduced new style packaging and design for the Maize ranges.

For advice and information, please call Burns Pet Nutrition on 0800 018 18 19 or email