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All set for new Herding tests

The first Border Collies are set to take the Kennel Club’s new Herding Test in a bid to show that they have the natural herding abilities and instincts synonymous with the breed.

The new Show Border Collie Herding Test replaced the traditional Working Test at the beginning of the year and enables Border Collies with Show Champion Status to become Full Champions.
Like its predecessor, the test will still require dogs to show the principal skills of outrunning, lifting, fetching, inspecting and driving but there have been some alterations that will make the test more relevant to what it aims to assess – a dog’s herding ability.

The inaugural test will take place on 12 October at John Porter Station Farm, Broughton Astley, Leicester and Border Collie owners are invited to come along and watch the test and discover whether they want to enter their dog (over 12 months old) for the next assessment.
It is hoped that the test will allow an increasing proportion of Border Collies to be rewarded for their shepherding skills.

Caroline Kisko told us: “The Collie is one of the most intelligent and capable workers in the world of dogs and we are very proud of this test which will ensure that the innate behaviour and genes of the breed continue to be valued and rewarded. The celebration of a dog’s natural abilities ties in with our Fit for Function Fit for Life campaign, which aims to ensure that dogs are bred to be fit for their original function and to enjoy their lives to the full. We hope that Border Collie owners will come along to the test for a fun day out and to see whether they want to take their own Collies through their paces and reward them for their herding abilities.”

For applications for the Herding Test in 2009 or to come and watch this year’s test please contact: Zoe Tharmasingam, The Kennel Club Working Trials Obedience and Agility team. 0870 606 6750 Ext 313.