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Thousands hook up to new on-line transfer

The Kennel Club’s new online transfer system has had thousands of hits from puppy owners who have taken advantage of this revolutionary new way of transferring ownership into their own name.

The new online system, which went live in August, enables owners to transfer ownership of their puppy from the breeder’s or previous owner’s name into their own, at the click of a button. Seven thousand puppy owners have already used the system, amounting to 30% of the current transfer rate received by the Kennel Club.

Once transferred, puppy owners have immediate access to the full range of Kennel Club services throughout the dog’s lifetime, which can transform their dog-owning experience. These range from reunification services for lost pets, to access to the Kennel Club’s wide range of activities and events.

As part of the online transfer process puppy owners are also offered six weeks free Kennel Club Healthcare insurance for their new puppy, which they can activate to give them complete peace of mind - instantly.

Customers have said that the service has been “quick and easy to use” and it is hoped that even more people will now transfer ownership into their own name – to enable them to fully welcome their puppy into their family and to ensure that the pup has the best possible start in life.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club spokesperson, said: “We are delighted to see how many people have decided to use our new online system and are very encouraged by the positive feedback. Too many people buy a puppy and then forget to transfer ownership – meaning that the puppy remains under the registered ownership of the breeder or previous owner.

“We hope that this service will enable even more people to transfer ownership of their puppy into their own name and therefore to take advantage of the Kennel Club’s advice and services, which will help them to get the most from their dog-owning experience.”

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